DonMar Industries, LLC is a combination of two partners, Don and Mary.

Don was raised on a farm and learned to use anything and everything to accomplish a task.  It was natural for him to think outside the box. With a desire to become an Engineer, Don joined the United States Navy after graduating high school. Injured during Operation Desert Storm, he received a medical discharge after five years of service. 

After 16 years as a Chief Engineer for an international corporation, Don was told that their contract would not be renewed and unfortunately, they have no current position at his level available for him to transfer to.  This situation forced him to find something independent of a corporation. 

Mary has been self employed for over two decades as an independent paint contractor.   She has vast experience of applying paint and stain, specialty finishes, as well as being a certified applicator of Italian stuccos and plasters.  As a contractor, Mary and Don’s paths crossed on a jobsite.

She has a small patio and constantly struggled with too many tables and chairs in the way. Mary proposed the table/bench idea to Don. With Don’s engineering knowledge and Mary’s business and painting skills they are able to combine their efforts and manufacture a product that is durable and can be mini or full size, yet requires little space and is easily portable.

Don and Mary believe in American made products. They value quality and craftsmanship. This is why DonMar Industries brought the Patriot Table to the American market.

Their patented gravity locking hinge design was finalized in December 2015.  The simplicity of the hinge allows for easy conversion from a sitting bench into a table with a seat and has no wearing parts. In the table position, this versatile table meets all requirements for wheelchair accessibility and has the added benefit of quick disassembly for portability and storage.   

Currently, Patriot Table consumers are using their benches for:

  • Small patio, small homes  and condo or apartment living
  • RV and Camping
  • Fishing and Hunting
  • Festivals
  • Veterans Administration
  • Rodeo circuit and livestock shows
  • Shows and events for training service dogs
  • Sport events – Soccer, Baseball, Racing
  • Event Registration tables
  • Restaurant Seating

The design of the Patriot Table makes it adaptable and its uses limitless. Two benches in the table position placed back to back, become a full 35” across picnic table.  From this position, Patriot Table easily transitions into two sitting benches; move them to the side to free-up patio space.  With removal of four T-lock pins, Patriot Table is easily disassembled for portability and storage or quick re-assembly.

Patriot Tables/Benches come in stock colors and a standard 4’ length, but can be ordered in any length up to 8’ and in custom colors to match your décor.

Made in USA   

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